We believe that the role of the mediator is comparable to that of a conductor as GENEVACCORD ADR excels at orchestrating even the most complex and delicate of mediations.

Attorneys are always welcome, if not encouraged, to participate.

Whether conventional of judiciary, many of the mediations performed by GENEVACCORD ADR revolve around commercial and intercultural spheres, both in Geneva and abroad. Most in need of our services are businesses, institutions and administrations with a difficulty resolving conflicts, either with one another or within their own structures.
Additionally, GENEVACCORD ADR is also qualified to assist in resolving conflicts or differences of a political nature while ensuring the utmost discretion and confidentiality, as mandated by the ethical rules of mediation.

Promoting mediation

GENEVACCORD ADR actively participates in conferences, conventions and seminars to remain at the forefront of the latest mediation techniques while continuing to expand it’s network of affiliates. We also regularly host informative events throughout the year centered around the theme of mediation. Our objective is to continue promoting the efficiency of these means of conflict resolution as well as perfecting their professional accreditations. As part of our long term vision, GENEVACCORD ADR has established a Research Academy dedicated to analyzing practices in other countries to help pioneer a more uniform and performant methodology, particularly in Europe.

Political awareness

GENEVACCORD ADR makes a continuous effort to raise awareness for the benefits of the mediation process in the political sphere as its primary goal is to limit excessive human and judicial costs.

Guy A. Bottequin
President-founder of GENEVACCORD ADR